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1. We get to know you, your company and the many critical aspects of your business and how it functions. Where you are today... where you want to go. We then determine the specific purpose and intended goals for your site.
2. We listen to what you need with your own vision of the site, offering suggestions that expand on those ideas, suggesting additional or alternative elements you may choose from.
3. We provide you with a wide variety of search engine marketing options that will get your web site visible to web searchers.


For a business operating in today's globally competitive markets, having web site is not an option; it's a must. Rare is a business venture that does not have a web presence. Your competition has it; customers expect it. Believe it or not, there are still many smaller business that do not have a web site. Those owners may be in a unique position to feel that they may not need one... or they are just a bit behind the curve marketing-wise. Our designers use a comprehensive approach to creating a ground up site or making changes and improvements to an existing one. Your site will impress your visitors, much as we hope that this one has for you. Of late, we have been using a unique design that encompasses the best of both worlds with regard to design, balancing images and text. Powerful images engage users in a make them want to explore. The problem with most full screen image sites is that there is not text for Google to crawl. Not good at all for SEO. Our site, (and your would too) is designed to present unlimited bodies of text AND impressive images, all above the fold (bottom of the screen).


Custom database software is a program or group of programs that work in conjunction with one another to manage information exactly the way your company does business. When creating a custom database and interface, the procedures and methodologies that exist in your business are what is used as a basis for the program design. The software becomes a reflection of your internal procedures. A solution can be created to accommodate one small routine that may need automating, or it can handle many tasks within the company up to and including integrating every data management function within your organization. What it does is up to you and gives you total control over the seemingly endless amount if information you deal with each day.


Aargus provides domain name acquisition and professional web site hosting with a 99.996% uptime rate at affordable rates. Choosing a domain name is a little bit more complex than you might think. Careful attention needs to be paid to the exact wording of the domain name so that it best represents what you do to the search engines. We'll even setup emails and passwords or, if you prefer, you may add them yourself through a personal control panel.


The support and evolution of your web site is as important as creating the site. We will assist you in Google Rankings in searches (SERP), traffic volume reports, best keyword selection, and more. This process, known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is crucial to your site's visibility. "Top of Search, Top of Mind". 2 . Site statistical reporting is an important tool in measuring your site's traffic, where your visitors come from, and what search terms they used to find you. We will send a report to you monthly weekly or even daily.     Learn More »


Search Engine Marketing is a two part process... on page and off page. On page focuses on page content, keywords, meta tags, and page structure. Off page is everything else. Backlinks, search engine submission, content publishing, external marketing, social media, to name a few. Search engine video is a new, early stage technique that will put a small video icon next to your search result (SERP) that will draw a searcher's attention quicker that those listed above it, that a user can click to go to a video that your post on Youtube where they can view a short video clip about your business, then proceed to your web site. Testing has demonstrated a significantly greater click-through rate using search video or VSEO if you can get in on Google page 1


Google Adwords can be a very powerful marketing tool. By tailoring keywords with ads and matching to your web site's critical key words, we can position your search results visibility to specific audiences... specific regions, zip codes, age group, sex and many other parameters can be selected. Adwords can generate a lot of new customers if done right, if not, it can become a money pit really fast. We will setup your campaign and mange it through the Google Adwords Interface to bring you new, very targeted customers for product or service sales. We will likewise create Facebook ad campaigns with the same efficiency


Conventional methods of marketing are not dead. Yellow pages has an online Yellow Pages and there are many other directories that exist both digitally and on paper. Print ads can still be effective if designed well and the audience is effectively targeted. Television and radio can still pull very well, especially for consumer products advertised on sale. BTB can also benefit from legacy media not only for selling, but is especially effective for branding. We can design for you an effective, broad based marketing campaign that includes online and offline strategies.


If you are selling on line, your own e-commerce (shopping cart) site is a must. Ebay, Amazon, and countless similar sites are great for selling many types of items, but steering people to your own site affords you much more intimate contact with your customer base and is much easier to manage than spreading your wares across multiple sales platforms. From one to 10,000 items, we have solutions to fit every scale. we can assist with merchant accounts, credit card integration, PayPal, World Pay and many other payment types


We can provide you with daily, weekly, or monthly reports on traffic to your site, where it came from, how long visitors stayed, what keywords were used to find your site, and much more. This information will arrive directly to your email with the information you require. This is a very valuable report that will summarize how your web site is doing with regard to pulling in traffic. We can also provide you with information about your site traffic when compare to your competition.


We do not mind if you call us with question about anything. Well, not anything... let's keep it down to Internet related matters. But we're happy to talk to you and help solve a problem by phone or perhaps lead you to a more detailed solution that we can provide you with.

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