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Japanese Mat Juniper, Juniperus procumbens 'nana'

Bob Coykendall

Ficus, Ficus benjamina
Lorena Chambers

This planting consist of 9 Ficus benjamina planted on a lava rock in 1997. The tray is
18" x 11" with the tallest tree being 18" tall and 3/8" in diameter.


Korean Maple, Acer palmatum - koreanum
Mollie Hollar

A natural literati style, this Korean maple has been in training for about 4 years. Its height
approximately 8 inches. It sits on a burlwood slab.



Korean Hornbeam, Carpinus turczaninowii
Skip Hollar

This Hornbeam is about 22 years old and has been under Skip's care for the past 5 years
. It is in the informal upright style. The tree stands 16 inches tall and has a caliper of 2 inches


Ornamental Pepper
Dave Tomczak

This pepper was a hit with the visitors to the 2001 West Michigan Bonsai Club
show held last fall at the Frederick Meijer Gardens. Standing just 6 inches tall it proved to
be a crowd pleaser.










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