Botanic Gardens

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
The club generally meets at the Gardens and the All State Bonsai show is held at the Gardens

Chicago Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens


Bonsai Societies & Clubs

American Bonsai Society
?????? Their??reference center??listing various categories of resources that will help your with your questions They provide links to organizations, clubs, suppliers, online publications, and related interests.

Bonsai Empire
Wonder resource, plant identifier, plant care, forum and more

Mid America Bonsai Alliance

Midwest Bonsai Society
Based in the Chicago Botanic Gardens in Glencoe, IL. Includes annual show information and a gallery of club bonsai

National Bonsai Foundation??
???? The website includes a great set of well organized link

Four Seasons Bonsai Club of Michigan



Basically Bonsai
Basically Bonsai is located in the West Michigan area and is the authorized Joshua Roth dealer and a exclusive dealer for Spring Hollow plastic pots. Also ceramic pots, clay figures and books.

Bonsai Outlet
Mail order website for trees, supplies and tools.?? The website includes care guides for several different species of plants and a plant name index

Brussel's Bonsai
?????? In addition to selling trees and bonsai supplies, the nursery hosts an annual gathering of bonsai enthusiasts called Rendezvous which is held over Memorial Day weekend

Growco Indoor Garden Supplies
One-stop shopping for indoor gardening supplies, including hydroponics systems, grow room equipment, hydroponics nutrients, HID lighting and grow light bulbs.

Michigander Pots????
Creates pots that look like rocks. Ideal for forests. Frost proof.

Adams Bonsai
Good source for cheap copper wire

Tokoname Pots
Directly from Japan.???? The catalog is online.???? You can order by email???? Takeyoshi Kojima?? speaks English and?? will send you a quote for the total cost including shipping.??







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